Let Ayboll provide you with innovative ad formats that have never been seen before.



Native Ads

The right balance between UX and monetization

This ad blends into your website's content and looks native so you don't have to choose between a positive user experience and earning money from your site.

Slider Ads

Interactive scrollable slider ads that will boost your CTR

This scrollable widget adapts to your site's layout and is highly engaging. It changes slides automatically every few seconds or can be scrolled through by readers with the navigation buttons.

Banner Ads

Text and display ads that match your site

More options mean more opportunities for revenue. Choose the right ad types and formats for your site. Ad types include text, display, or a mix of the two.

Interstitial Ads (Closed Beta)

Website overlay timed ads

This ad functions as an “ad intermission” between a user's page views. The result is a well-timed display ad that fits perfectly, without changing the site structure.

Above the Fold Ads (Closed Beta)

Valuable advertising for any device

This ad appears in a unique location right above the fold. Ad units placed above the fold are generally considered to be more valuable, since there is a higher likelihood that they will be seen by visitors.

Before you Leave Ads (Closed Beta)

Smart exit popup on exit intent

This Ad Unit is triggered when a user shows signs of exiting a site, allowing publishers to maximize revenues from otherwise lost traffic.